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Start Fresh by Painting this Spring


Now that spring has arrived you may have started to think about projects you want to complete around your house.  Your budget may not allow for a major remodel, but an affordable way to spruce up any room is by painting.  You may be thinking painting is simple and anyone can figure out how to do it.  While that is true to a certain extent, painting using these simple tips will ensure the job you do looks more professional and is guaranteed to last for a longer period of time.


  1. Spend Time Prepping: One of the biggest mistakes people make is jumping into painting without doing all the necessary prep work.  Once you have taken everything down off the walls do a visual inspection of all the surfaces.  Make sure to mark spots that need to be patched or repaired. Another important step to take at this point is to remove any cracked, peeling or flaking paint from the surface of the walls.  Lightly sand or scrape these areas and then wash them to avoid having pieces ending up in your fresh paint. 
  2. Buy Quality Products: Most people realize it is important to buy more expensive paint in order to provide great coverage when applied to their walls.  However, one thing many people overlook is the need to purchase good rollers and brushes.  Buying higher quality tools will ensure the application of your paint easier. If you’re not sure which ones will be the best choices for your project ask a professional.  Employees at the home improvement or paint store will be able to give you advice on what you should buy.
  3. Cover and Protect: Make sure to cover any surfaces you do not want to get paint on while doing the job.  You may think it’s possible to be careful while painting, but accidents do happen.  Besides using drop clothes to cover furniture and floors you should also take time to remove all your switch plates and outlet covers.  Taping them may protect a part of their surface from getting paint on it, but removing them completely is the best option.
  4. Prime Your Surfaces: While applying primer does take extra time it will ensure your surface will have a clean and smooth texture when you start paining.  It will also help cover up your old paint reducing the number of coats you will need to apply in the long run.
  5. Painting the Right Way: When you are painting do not press down hard on the wall.  Your rollers are designed to provide a nice even coat without exerting too much pressure on the surface. You should also remember to apply your paint from top to bottom.  Painting in this direction will allow you to catch any drips or mistakes that can make a paint job look bad.


If you decide to tackle painting in your house this spring remember to pay attention to the weather.  Avoid painting on rainy or humid days.  These weather conditions can make your paint take a lot longer to dry making the job take a lot longer to complete.  After you’ve painted if you want to sell your place, remember when it comes to real estate, Dave is the man!  – Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice

Begin the Hunt for a New Home this Easter


While the kids are hunting for Easter eggs this weekend begin your own hunt for a new home.  2017 could be the year your family finds the perfect home.


There are so many tools available for searching real estate online.  Beginning a search can be overwhelming because many of these tools make it difficult to narrow down your searches.  I have a tool on my website that is designed to streamline the entire process for you.  The ReMax "My Property Finder" tool helps you save time while looking for the perfect home.


In a few simple steps you can create a profile.  Once you have an account, the Property Finder simplifies the search process by allowing you to set up alerts for new properties, to save current listings and to add notes to your favorite properties.  The email alerts will let you know when a new listings comes on the market that fits criteria you set up through your profile.   


Lots of other real estate apps and websites take a lot of time to navigate.  The Property Finder through my site is designed to save you time.  Not only does it save you time during your searches, it also allows you to schedule an in-person viewing of a specific property at your convenience. 


Check out the Property Finder on my website today.  The tool is available at no charge and registration is simple using your email address or your Facebook profile.


Begin your hunt for the perfect home today. Remember when it comes to real estate Davis the man and when it comes to searching online "My Property Finder” is the best tool available. - Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice at 810-686-3900. 

Tips for Planting Flowers and Vegetables This Spring


Spring is officially here, so I am taking this post to share some planting and gardening tips with all of you.  I hope you had an opportunity to attend one of the local home and garden shows I shared with you earlier this year.  The final one was held at Dort Federal Event Center last weekend.  Combining inspiration from one of these local shows along with my tips below, you should be ready to plant in no time. 


First, you should consider what bulbs should be planted in the spring.  Bulbs planted at this time of year will produce blooms in the summer. The most popular bulbs to plant now include irises, begonias, day lilies, dahlias and gladiolus.


As the soil continues to warm up you can go ahead with planting irises and day lilies.  They will still do fine if the soil is not completely warmed up when planted.  Wait until the weather has stayed consistently warm to plant gladiolas, begonias and dahlias. 


Sometimes people think spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips can be planted at this time of year too.  However, spring blooms should be planted in the fall any time between mid-October through early November.


If you’re not sure on the best time to plant something check online to ensure its survival.  One of the best tools to use is the United States National Arboretum plant hardiness zone map.  It allows you to search by state and even zip code to see what plants can survive in what area based on temperature and more.


Another great tool is The Old Farmer’s Almanac guide.  It allows you to select a particular city in order to see the best dates for planting different vegetables in your area.   In addition, the tool allows you to set up email reminders for a custom planting schedule.  Along with planting times the tool gives you the dates when the vegetables should be harvested. 


Now is the time to start making plans for your spring planting.  From your flower beds to your vegetable garden, you can use these tips to ensure you have hearty plants this spring and summer.  If you find you need more space to grow your garden and a move is in your future, remember when it comes to real estate Dave is the man! - Dave Taljonick of RE/MAX Right Choice, 810-686-3900.

Local Easter Festivities


Mark your calendars now for the following Easter festivities beginning next week. Davison and Burton both have lots of events that will be taking place over the next two weeks.  The activities include crafts for kids, Easter egg hunts for kids and for canines along with much more. 



There are lots of great Easter events happening for families in Davison. Next week on Saturday, April 8 the Davison Area Library will have the Egg-stravaganza from 2 to 3 p.m. Register online here


The Davison Farmers Market will then be having Easter Crafts for Kids on Saturday, April 15.  The fun continues the same day at Wojos of Davison where they will be hosting an Easter egg hunt in the greenhouse from 10 to 11 a.m.  It will also be taking place at their Ortonville location.  Everyone is encouraged to bring something to hold their child’s eggs goodies. The event is held free of charge.


After enjoying the fun at Wojos head to the Lake Callis Recreation Complex for their annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The festivities include photos with the Easter Bunny (bring your own camera) and hunting for eggs and prizes.  Make sure to bring your own basket.  If you pre-register the cost is $3 per child for residents and $5 for non-residents.  On-site registration is $5 per resident child and $7 per non-resident.  The fun begins at 2 p.m., but you must arrive 30 minutes early to register. 


Your canine family members can get in on the fun with the Davison Dog Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday, April 13 from 6 to 7:30 p.m.  Learn more about the fun here.



The Burton Parks and Recreation will be hosting their annual Easter Egg Hunt next week on April 8  from 1 to 3 p.m. The hunt will take place behind Atherton Elementary School on Genesee Rd.


The following week, the Burton Movies on the Lawn, will be showing Finding Dory at Solid Rock Community Church on Saturday, April 15.  The festivities begin at 5 p.m.


Making time for your family is important.  Take time to enjoy these spring activities with your loved ones in the coming weeks. - Dave Taljonick of RE/MAX Right Choice, 810-686-3900.

Three Spring Break Local Escapes for Kids


Spring break is just around the corner for most schools which means you may be looking for something to keep your kids occupied while off.  In this week’s post I want to provide some local family fun for those of you who will be staying home during the break. 


Longway Planetarium

A great way to start out the week is with a show at the Longway Planetarium.  Monday through Friday shows are at 11:30 a.m. (Accidental Astronauts), 12:30 p.m. (Stars), 2:30 p.m. (Mysteries of the Unseen World) and at 3:30 p.m. (Skies over Michigan).   Then on Friday and Saturday additional evening programming is offered including the First Friday lecture at 6 p.m.   The cost for children ages 2 to 11 and seniors is $4 while adults are $6.  A full calendar including links to program descriptions is available here.


For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum

Spring Break Camps are being held Wednesday, April 5 and Thursday, April 6 at For-Mar. The cost is $5 per child and features a different theme and targeted age group each day. Themes are “Animal Tree-Home Masters” and “Become a Junior Scientiest”.  Pre-registration is required by April 3.  Learn more and register online through their calendar.


Flint Institute of Arts

The FIA is also offering two programs the week of April 3 through 7. The institute is located in the Cultural Center in downtown Flint.  It is in the midst of a major expansion, so you can get a chance to see the work being done there while visiting for one of these programs.


Each free program is targeted at a different age group.  The first “Spring into Art” will run Monday through Friday from 1 to 4 p.m. in the FIA Galleries and Studio 1.  Drop by any time during the three-hour window to make different projects. The workshops are designs for kids ages 6 and up, but all ages are welcome.


The second program “Storytime with Art” will take place on Tuesday, April 4 and Thursday, April 6 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Galleries and Studio 1.  A story will be shared each day and then kids will have the chance to make a piece of artwork on their own. Different stories will be featured each day and the program is recommended for children ages 3 to 5. To learn more about either of the FIA’s offerings, visit their website.



Don’t be disappointed because you’re not heading out of town for spring break.  Take advantage of these great local programs to enjoy with your kids.  And remember when it comes to real estate, Dave is the man to meet all your needs! - Dave Taljonick of RE/MAX Right Choice, 810-686-3900.

4 Tips for Staging Your Home


Anyone planning to put their house up for sale needs to take time to stage their home for potential buyers.  In this post, I want to provide you with some ideas of how to make your home look more inviting to someone considering its purchase.


  1. Pack Up Your Personal Items

The first thing you should do is go around the house to remove personal items.  Photos, plaques, awards and other personalized items will make it hard for potential buyers to see themselves in your home.  Taking away these personal items will provide a blank canvas for anyone considering a purchase of your house.


  1. Remove Clutter Throughout the House

Go around your house and remove clutter in every room.  When we live in a space stuff tends to pile up around a house.  Taking away these items out of a room can open up a space to make rooms appear larger.  Besides things that are visible when entering a room you should also remove access clutter in closets.  You don’t want items falling out when someone opens a door.  After all storage spaces can look small and overcrowded when too much stuff is crammed inside.    


  1. Repurpose Spaces

Turn unused areas into functional spaces.  If you have a spare bedroom that is used for storage, consider staging it as an office or playroom for kids.  Consider creating a family room in a finished area of your basement.  Your goal is to give potential buyers ideas of how to creatively use spaces throughout your home.


  1. Position Furniture Differently

The way furniture is positioned can have a major impact on the way a space is viewed.  Create a more open floor plan to make it easy to navigate through spaces.  Group furniture in conversational settings to make it more friendly and welcoming to anyone entering the room.  When rearranging items you may find that you need to remove some pieces of furniture too in order to open up a space. 


If you are considering selling your home this year remember to take time to stage it.  First impressions are important and you want to give yourself every advantage when trying to attract buyers.  After going through your home with you, I can give you ideas on how to make the space more inviting and how to stage your it for the market.  Remember when it comes to real estate, Dave is the man! – Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice

Protect Your House While Away From Home


Spring break is just around the corner which means your home may be sitting vacant while you escape Michigan to enjoy some warmer weather.  In my blog this week I want to provide you with a few tips to protect your home while you are out of town.   


Have Someone Check On Your Home

If you are planning to be gone for more than a few days consider having a friend or neighbor stop by to check on your house.  Having someone check on your house a few times while you’re gone will give the illusion that someone is home.  It will also allow them to check to make sure nothing is out of place since you left.   


When traveling for an extended period of time (more than two weeks) contact your local police department because they will often send a car by to periodically to check on your house.  Do not call 911 to alert of your departure, instead call your city or township’s local number.  Phone numbers for Genesee County police departments are available online.

Windows and Lights

Don’t automatically close your curtains when you leave for your trip.  If you keep the curtains completely closed they may prevent someone who is checking on your home for you from seeing inside.  In addition, if you normally keep your curtains open closing them may tip-off would-be burglars that you’re gone. 


You should also considering buying a timer to have your lights come on at times that you are normally home.  A timer is better than leaving on a light for 24 hours a day.


Remember to Stop Deliveries

It is important to stop the delivery of mail and newspapers to your home while you’re gone.  Piling up papers or mail alert people to your absence which you will want to avoid.  It is easy to hold your mail through the United States Postal Service online.  In just a few steps you can set up a date to have your mail held along with a date for everything to be delivered.  You can also choose to pick it up at the post office if that is more convenient. 


Anyone who subscribes to The Flint Journal should call 810-766-6280 to have newspapers stopped in your absence.  Perhaps you have recurring delivery through Amazon for items.  Learn how to cancel or hold those orders here.

Cyber Privacy

Remember to protect your privacy online too.  Consider tightening your privacy settings when posting to social media to limit the audience of any posts you make while away from home.  Publicly posting images lets everyone know your house is empty.  Make sure to only share posts with close friends and family who already know you are going to be gone from your home. Share all your photos once you’re back home in order to protect your privacy.


Your home is your sanctuary, so make sure to take care of it when leaving to go on vacation.  Remember if your travels make you want to consider a move, remember when it comes to real estate Dave is the man! - Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice at 810-686-3900

Spring is Just Around the Corner: Sell Your Home in 2017


Despite the snow on the ground this week, winter will be coming to an end soon.  Have you been thinking about selling your home this year?  If so, spring is a great time to put your house on the market.  Many owners worry about putting their house for sale during the winter, but spring offers an opportunity to start attracting potential buyers.  


Once you decide to sell your home, there are several important considerations for you to examine.  You need to start thinking about any improvements that need to be made in order to make a sale.  You also need to take a look at the curb appeal of your property and look for ways to stage your home during showings. 


One of the most important factors is the curb appeal of your property.  A good first impression is vital to potential buyers.  You want anyone who may be considering a purchase of your home to be impressed when first pulling up.  Make sure to clear away debris from your yard including branches and leaves that have blown off during the last few months to trash that may have accumulated under bushes over the winter.  You should also do a walk around the perimeter of your house to see anything that may look out of place from gutters that may be detaching from your house to areas where paint may be peeling on the exterior of your house. 


Next you should work on staging the inside of your home.  In the coming weeks I will have a complete post on the ways to stage the inside of your home, but in the meantime here are a few tips.  Remove clutter from rooms throughout your home.  Spruce up rooms with simple updates like changing out dirty wall plates to touching up paint.  Also, give everything a good scrubbing from getting cobwebs out of hard to reach corners to washing baseboards, all of these little details will be noticed by potential buyers.


If you are considering selling your home this year, contact me for advice on what buyers are looking for in your area.  I will give you a general estimate of what your home could sell for if put on the market and I can suggest any improvements that could add value to your home.  Remember when it comes to real estate, Dave is the man!  Contact me to sell your home today - Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice at 810-686-3900. 

Rural Development Loan to Move Into Your Dream Home


When looking to buy a new home finances can be a major hurdle to overcome.  Coming up with money for a down payment can be overwhelming.  Depending on where you want to move you may be able to use the Rural Development Loan Assistance program which requires no money down.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers two programs for homebuyers.  The programs allow for the purchase of homes in designated areas.  Rural areas and communities with less than 20,000 people are eligible for this type of financing.  In our area, communities such as Clio, Montrose, Flushing, Mt. Morris and Frankenmuth all qualify for the financing programs.


The two USDA programs are the Guaranteed Home Loan Program and the Direct Home Loan Program. The income requirements to qualify for each loan program are different. 


First, the Guarantee Home Loan program includes lenders from the private sector who work with the USDA guaranteeing the loans. With the program, any time a homeowner defaults, the Rural Development will pay the lender back for the amount of the loan.  In addition, the program lets a homebuyer borrow up to 102% a home’s value eliminating the need for a down payment.


The second option is offered through the Direct Home Loan Program.  The financing provides direct assistance from Rural Development.  For a potential buyer to qualify, he or she must have a household income below 80% of the median income level for the community where he or she resides.


Call me today if you want to learn more about either of these programs.  The Rural Development loans can make your dream of owning a home a reality today.  Remember when it comes to real estate, Dave is the man! - Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice at 810-686-3900 

Cleaning Projects for Your Home this Spring


Even though the ground hog predicted six more weeks of winter, spring is in the air this weekend.  With the changing of the weather that means it is time to tackle the dreaded spring cleaning.  If you’re like me you hate the idea of undertaking the cleaning projects that have piled up over the winter.  In this post I want to provide you with some tips and local resources to make your cleaning a little easier. 


When making plans for spring cleaning it is important to handle projects on both the outside and inside of your home.  With the beautiful weather this weekend you could begin to tackle the outside projects.  The first thing you want to do is to clean out your flower beds and the areas along the walkways.  From leaves to trash to branches that may have accumulated over the winter months.  In a few weeks once spring officially arrives you can start to bring out all the decorative items for your porch and yard.  It’s always a good idea to wait until the weather officially breaks before bringing out any lawn furniture.


Inside your house start with the simple things like cleaning your walls and wiping down your ceilings.  This includes cleaning off your light fixtures, ceiling fans and windows.  A vacuum with an extended wand can make the job a lot easier.  Inside the kitchen make sure to wipe away any grime that may have accumulated near the stove and other high use cooking areas. 


Another important task is cleaning your carpets, furnitures and rugs.  If you have a shampooer you can do the task on your own or you can rent one from a hardware or home improvement store.  There are lots of great local businesses that offer professional carpet cleaning services too.  It is also important to  wash or dry-clean any curtains in your home.


One important task that is often overlooked is cleaning out medications, hazardous cleaning products and other expired goods.  Start in your pantry by sorting through any expired food items.  If you have food your family doesn’t want to eat, but the items are not expired considering donating them to a local food pantry such as the Community of Christ in Clio. 


We sometimes forget cleaning out your medicine cabinet is an important task too.  Taking expired medications can be dangerous and it is imperative to properly dispose of any old medicine.  Remember do not simply through them away or flush them down the toilet.  Here are the Genesee County designated drop-off locations for the disposal of prescription medications including Clio’s Borden’s Pharmacy. 


In addition to disposing of medications, remember to properly dispose of any other hazardous products such as paint, electronics, oil and cell phones properly.  This list from Keep Genesee County Beautiful also includes places where you can recycle old furniture, furnishings, scrap metal and more. 


Remember when you’re all done with your spring cleaning your house may be ready to be put on the market to sell in 2017.  When it comes to real estate, Dave is the man! Contact me, Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice, at 810-686-3900. 


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