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2/5/2016 Valentine's Fun for You and Your Love

There are lots of great events happening next weekend to help you celebrate Valentine's Day with your sweetheart. From free events to fundraising galas, there's something for everyone and every budget to enjoy.


President's Valentine Gala

First, the Old Newsboys of Flint will be hosting their annual Valentine's Day Gala. The event will take place on Saturday, February 13 at Warwick Hills Country Club in Grand Blanc. The cost is $75 per person and black tie is optional. The festivities begin at 6 p.m. with dance continuing until 12:30 a.m. Tickets should be purchased in advance through the link above.


Whooooo's in Love?

Head over to For-Mar Nature Preserve in Burton for their outdoor romantic adventure. The free event will allow you and your sweetheart to take a moonlit stroll, sip hot cocoa and have a photo taken together. Pre-registration is not required.


Handmade Mini Mart

Still not sure what to buy for the special someone in your life? Then head over to Flint Handmade's Mini Mart on Saturday, February 13 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Flint Farmer's Market. Vendors will be there displaying all of their handmade goods which make perfect gifts for your sweetheart.


Date Night at Black Door Design

Join your sweetheart in making a unique one-of-a-kind wood hanging for your home. The cost for the workshop is $125 and at the end the two of you will walk out with a piece of wood art to display in your home. Black Door Design is located in Flushing and the workshop will take place on Saturday, February 13 from 6 to 9:00 p.m.


These are just a few of the fun events happening next weekend to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day. Make plans now to enjoy the weekend with your sweetheart. - Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice, 810-686-3900.

1/29/2016 Organizing Your Kitchen

A few weeks ago we talked about general organization tips for your entire home. In this week's post, I want to concentrate on the room where we often spend a lot of our time, the kitchen. Keeping a kitchen organized helps you avoid wasting food, helps save time and keeps things looking nice when having over company or when you decide to sell your home.


First, arrange your cupboards according to how often you use a particular item. Dishes, appliances and even food items which are used more frequently should be kept on shelves that are within easy reach. You should also group items that are used for similar cooking tasks together. For instance, store baking cookware together, group paper products together and keep spices in the same space. In addition, follow the same logic when organizing your food in a pantry, cupboards or in the refrigerator. 


One specific type of cookware that can become a big mess in our kitchen are plastic containers. Work on organizing these items to make them easier to use. Store all the lids in one section and separate the containers by size and shape. If they are in a drawer use dividers to keep lids from mixing with the containers themselves. Follow a similar organization pattern when separating lids for pots and pans.


Besides sorting these items consider purchasing metal drawers, baskets and other organizational containers to help utilize space in deep cupboards or areas that are harder to see from eye level. Installing drawers in deep or low cupboards allows you to easily pull them out to view everything being stored in the space.


Finally, utilize all the space you have available. From storing frequently used appliances on the counter to placing cookbooks on an open shelf, you can free up space in other parts of the kitchen for other items. In addition, if you have a pantry with a door consider purchasing an over-the-door storage rack or container.


These are just a few tips to help organize your kitchen. Having everything organized will make it easy for you to cook a meal, to grab a snack or to pack lunches for your family. - Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice, 810-686-3900

1/22/2016 SnowFest Brings Fun Next Week

Mark your calendars for next weekend, Zehnder's annual SnowFest will take place from Wednesday, January 27 through Monday, February 1. Every year Frankenmuth welcomes artists from around the globe to compete in the snow and ice carving contests. The festival marks the event's 25th anniversary and plans are in the works for lots of family fun throughout the weekend.


Starting on Wednesday, the sculptures will begin to take shape as the artists start their work. In addition to the Michigan and International teams, Thursday and Friday area high school and elementary students will also be creating sculptures. Over the weekend, college teams will join in with an ice sculpting competition.


Throughout the festival, an array of music events will satisfy everyone's preferences. Local celebrity DJs will face off in a battle in the warming tent on Thursday, January 28. Fun includes a corn hole tournament which will run from 9 p.m. to midnight and admission is free. Friday will be Country Night and Saturday the tent will be the site for Classics Day; the cost of admission is $5 both nights. A variety of bands will play in the warming tent during the day throughout the festival include Jedi Mind Trip, Swift Brothers, Kowalski Brothers Polka Band and Moonshine Mavericks.


The fun continues all weekend with a fireworks display on Saturday at 6:45 p.m. over the river. The festival ends with a bang on Monday, February 1 with the Chef's Hot Food Competition. The theme for this year is "A Culinary Salute to Mardi Gras" and will take place from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.


Zehnder's 25th SnowFest promises to provide family fun for all ages. The festival runs from Wednesday through Monday next week, so you have plenty of time to make the trip up to Frankenmuth to check out the festivities. - Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice, 810-686-3900.

1/15/2016 Snow Removal Tips for Your Home

Despite today's rain, after the snow we have finally been getting I thought it would be helpful to share some helpful tips for its removal. Utilize these after the next big storm to help protect your home and your family.


First, remember to tackle the snow right away. Try to get out during breaks in a storm to start clearing it before a lot accumulates. By removing a few inches at a time it helps to will make it easier for you to complete the job once the storm is over. In addition, waiting to remove large amounts of heavy snow can put a strain on you and your health should be your number one priority.


While shoveling, do not pile up the snow around the foundation of your home. As snow melts can cause damage leading to cracks in the foundation or leaks in your basement. It's also important to not pile up snow over drains or near fire hydrants. You should also keep the space in front of your mailbox clear, so your mailman is still able to deliver to your home.


Additionally, think ahead to spring and protect your outdoor shrubs. Resist the urge to remove snow off your outdoor shrubs; removing the snow can cause more damage.


It's also important to remember several safety tips related to salt and keeping walkways free of slippery spot. Remember when the temperature is below 12 degrees Fahrenheit salt does not work. Remember you can also use kitty litter or sandbox sand to provide traction on slippery services. Consider keeping a back of kitty litter in your truck to use if your car gets stuck in the snow.


Most important if you have pets who will be walking in an area you salt make sure to use pet friendly products. Traditional rock salt is very harmful for dogs causing inflammation to their paws along with gastrointestinal issues.


As we continue to get snow over the next few weeks remember these simple tips to help your snow removal process go smoother. Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice, 810-686-3900.

1/8/2016 Three Areas to Start Organizing in 2016

Last week we looked at resolutions for your home, this week I want to give you some tips on how to start getting organized in 2016. Start with simple things to avoid getting overwhelmed.


First, look at areas that tend to get full of clutter such as a junk drawer. Take time to sort through items and get rid of anything that is not useful. Once you have cut down the number of items in the drawer, consider purchasing trays to help keep things better organized. Besides purchasing trays you can also reuse small boxes such as jewelry gift boxes and bank check boxes to keep things separated in the space.


Another great space to get started is your linen closet. Use ribbons to tie around sheet sets to keep matching pieces together. You can also store sheet sets inside the matching pillow case depending on the size of the sheets. Consider buying Space Bags to shrink wrap bulky blankets, sheets and extra pillows to help better utilize the space for items that are more frequently used.


You can also buy baskets and other plastic containers at a dollar store or even use old shoe boxes to organize other small items such as medications and personal care products. Similar sorting can be done below your bathroom or kitchen sink. Organize the space by using containers to keep things such as cleaning and paper products separated.


Our bedroom closets also tend to get overwhelmed with stuff. Closet shelves are often disorganized with miscellaneous stacks of clothing. Consider buying shelf dividers to keep things within organized piles.


Items on the floor should be divided with simple containers such as stackable laundry baskets for easy division of items. In off seasons consider storing bulky sweaters and other winter clothes using Space Bags. Ladies try adding nails or tea cup holders on a wall in your closet to hang necklaces that might otherwise get tangled up in a drawer.


These are just a few simple tips to help you start getting organized in 2016. Stay tuned to my blog in the coming weeks for even more useful ideas to help you live better this year. - Dave Taljonick of RE/MAX Right Choice.

1/1/2016 New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

Most people write out resolutions for themselves at the start of a new year, however have you considered resolutions for your home?  Take a few more minutes to think about some home improvement goals for your home in 2016.


First, sit down and think about the small repairs/improvements you have wanted to do around your home. From fixing a leaky faucet to putting up a shelf, writing down these goals makes you more likely to complete them as you work your way through the list.


Next think about any renovation plans you want to complete in your home.  Have you been dreaming about a bigger kitchen or the addition of a new deck off your front porch? Maybe you have wanted to finish your basement or simply redo your bedroom. Planning for these renovations early and making a plan to save for these improvements will help make these dreams a reality.


Instead of improvements on your home maybe you just need to take time to get things organized. Think about areas that are full of clutter and make plans to get them organized. Perhaps your garage is full of boxes or things have piled up in your spare bedroom. Make a plan to get organized by researching storage solutions on how to optimize your current storage space. 


Finally, consider your energy use in your home.  Experts can give you thorough reviews of your energy use and can help you significantly reduce your costs for your home. Consumers Energy offers several different types of energy assessments to help you save in your home. Learn more about these options here.


From basic repairs to remodeling, take time to think about improvements you can make on your property in 2016. - Dave Taljonick of RE/MAX Right Choice.

12/25/2015 Merry Christmas

The holidays are a time for having family and friends over to your home. If this year has you realizing your family has outgrown your current house remember I can help you with all your real estate needs. Contact me at 810-686-3900.


I wish you all a joyous holiday season and a wonderful New Year in 2016.  I would like to thank all of my clients and customers who used my services or referred me to others and I look forward to offering exceptional service in the years to come. - Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice.

12/18/2015 Fire Safety at Christmas

As you celebrate Christmas next week it is important to remember fire safety tips to protect your family. The National Fire Protection Association reports that the winter months are when the most house fires take place. In fact, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year's Day are the top three days for candle fires.


Even though Christmas tree fires are rare, it is still important to talk about fire safety related to them. safety. Place your tree at least three feet away from any heat source including space heaters, candles, heat vents, radiators and fireplaces.


Most important, make sure to water your tree delay to avoid having it dry out. Remember to dispose of your real tree as soon as it is dry. Learn more safety tips from the U.S. Fire Administration here. Once removed from the inside of your home, do not store the dried tree in your garage or leaning against your home because they are still a fire risk. Check with your municipality for dates of Christmas tree pickup.


In addition to Christmas trees themselves, the lighting placed on them pose a potential fire hazard. Any lights with frayed wires, excessive kinking or bare spots should not be used. Finally, always turn off the lights when you are going to bed or leaving your home.


Besides Christmas trees and lights be mindful of candles used for decorations. Consider replacing traditional candles with battery operated flameless candles. If real ones are used keep them at least 12 inches away from anything that is flammable.


Remember to keep your family safe this Christmas season with these simple tips. Learn more tips through the National Fire Protection Association. - Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice, 810-686-3900.

12/11/2015 Five New Year’s Eve Events for 2015

Christmas is only two weeks away which means New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. Instead of waiting until the last minute to make plans, think about attending one of these local events with your family. Many of the events require advance reservations and tend to sell out early, so make your plans now.


Frankenmuth Events

There are three events happening in Frankenmuth for New Year’s Eve including a family-friendly celebration.


New Year’s Eve Family Celebration

The Bavarian Inn Lodge will host a family-friendly event from 5 to 8 p.m. The cost is $66 per adult and $40 per child including a buffet dinner; children under the age of 2 are free.


Admission includes party favors, interactive dances and a global countdown into the New Year. Everyone will be treated to a dinner buffet. Willy the Dragon will also make an appearance. 

New Year’s Eve Gala Celebration

The lodge will also host a formal gala with dinner being served from 6:45 to 8:30 p.m. The live music will run from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. featuring the band Remix. The cost is $86 per person.

The cost of admission includes party favors, dinner, wine and a champagne toast at midnight.


A New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Show

Across the bridge, the Bavarian Inn Restaurant will host a Murder Mystery Show from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. The cost is $50 per person.


The menu includes soup of the day, mixed greens salad, cranberry almond chicken breast, family style noodles, vegetable du jour, & chef’s choice dessert. Non-alcoholic beverages are included, a cash bar is available.


Davison Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus in Davison will host a New Year's Eve Party on Wednesday night. Doors for the party open at 8 p.m., with dancing 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Beer, wine and snacks are included in the $30 ticket cost. Knights of Columbus 4th Degree is located at 8428 Davison Road, Davison.


The Whiting

The Whiting will be hosting an inaugural New Year’s Eve celebration. The night includes a three course dinner, dancing, music and a live auction. The featured live band will be by the Cliff Monear Group. The event will take place from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. and costs $125 per person. RSVPs must be received by December 17. The Whiting is located at 1241 E. Kearsley St. in downtown Flint. For more information call 810-237-7378.


Consider attending one of these events to ring in 2016. Remember to make plans early before the Christmas rush. Don’t miss out on the New Year’s Eve fun! – Dave Taljonick


12/4/2015 Home Inspections: Information for Sellers

After your house has been on the market for awhile, it is always exciting to receive and accept an offer on your property. The next step after accepting the offer is to have a professional home inspection before finalizing the purchase. The inspection will look for potential defects in the property.


Remember, the home inspection is to inform the potential buyer of things that may need to be repaired. You will not be required to fix everything on the list. However, if there are serious defects related to appliances, roofing or other safety concerns you may need to address them before the sale can be completed. For minor repairs, you may decide to fix some of the items on the list at the request of the buyer or you can re-negotiate the offer.


Some of the serious defects found on a property may include the following:

  1. Problems with the home's roof.
  2. Concerns over windows.
  3. Issues with the house's foundation.
  4. Damage in the bathroom.
  5. Problems with furnace or air conditioning.
  6. Outdated wiring.


These are just a few of the potential defects that may be identified in the home inspection. Some repairs will be required to be completed before mortgage companies will provide lending for a property. In addition, the buyer may request repairs to be completed based on the inspection.


As your realtor, I will help you connect with professional contractors to make necessary repairs. I can also help you determine the best negotiating tactics depending on the repair request. - Dave Taljonick, RE/MAX Right Choice, 810-686-3900.

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